I was not a huge fan of the Metallica documentary. I personally did not understand what needed to be documented and I think it really put the band in a bad light.

This film solidified my dislike for Lars Ulrich. He whined and whined about his music begin stolen on Napster and then he goes out and sells his paintings for millions of dollars while drinking champagne. I do not advocate music pirating because it is stealing, but they are the biggest “metal” band and are making so much money that they can afford to offer a new bassist a million dollars right from the start.

I also thought that the film was extremely scripted. During the fighting we we would cut to the other guitarist and his lines such as, “Come on guys, lets just go bang it out in the studio” seemed so un realistic and like they chose the lines for him. I also thought that the band as a whole behaved like a bunch of teenagers. They are way too old to be behaving like they do and they should just break up since they clearly don’t like playing with each other.

Does anyone else feel like this?


Hedwig and the Angry Inch

This film, is in my opinion, the best one we’ve seen all year. Hedwig and the Angry Inch comes at you with a fury from the very beginning that sucks you in and really makes you enjoy the ride. I had a lot of sympathy towards Hedwig, I think everyone can relate in a way to his experiences of thinking everything will go one way but ends up horribly going the wrong way. But you can also relate in finding a way to change everything and make it better. 

I had a lot of confusion towards the end of the film I was wondering what the light was out the door and why he ends up looking like Tommy Gnosis at the end of the film. I think that Hedwig and Tommy died at the end of the film and the rest of the movie is in Hedwig’s own personal heaven.

I was really struck by some of the songs, specifically the Origin of Love. The lyrics were incredible and the animation sequence that came with it was just incredible as well. It is one of my favorite music videos.

I really loved this film and I think it is an important one to watch.

I was wondering what other people’s opinions on the end were.


Singing in the Rain

I don’t think anyone can feel anything but happiness when watching Singing in the Rain. the whole film just makes you feel good and is overall just a really fun film to watch. I loved the banter between every character because every interaction was different. The main character interacts differently with his friend as he does he fake girlfriend and his real one as well. I think it was really refreshing to see this film because it was filled with nothing but joy.

I think don’t think that the film needs any more drama or anything to change it. I like the film as a purly happy piece and as a take on the idea of celebrity. It really takes a stab at the idea of celebrity and how they’re just people and how many people get left behind. His friend seems to be always getting kicked to the curb but he doesn’t mind which my have bugged me a little.

Overall I think this was just a great film that anyone could enjoy. I definitely recommend it.

I wonder if anyone thinks that the film needs a more dramatic touch to it.


Footlight Parade

Footlight Parade is a film that is not aging well as far as dialogue and action. The dialogue is all said extremely fast and the lack of respect that the time had for anyone but white men was really uncomfortable to watch. The whole time I was watching while being so uncomfortable at the racist sayings and the complete lack of respect for women. All of the men either talked badly to the women or actually abused them like the main character in the end.

That being said I loved the musical sequences at the end. That waterfall scene is the only thing in the film that I believe can withstand the test of time. Everything about then=m was just so well crafted that I couldn’t help but watch in amazement.

I found the cinematography to also get much better by the end of the film, in the beginning we never really focus on on anything very well.

I’m wondering if anyone else thinks that this film can stand the test of time or if it is still relevant.


South Park: The Movie

South Park: The Movie is a film that I think you either love or you hate. I personally love the film. A lot of people will see it and think that its just vulgar garbage. The cursing, nudity, and just all around subject matter gets people all upset and just dismiss it as garbage. Here’s the thing that people don’t understand about the movie; It’s a parody. The entire film is a parody on itself and its subject matter. That’s why they have the Terrance and Phillip movie in their movie, as a parody of the film you’re watching. When everyone is angry at the Terrance and Phillip movie it’s a representation of what they expect everyone’s reaction to be to their film. Even when the kids say they don’t want to see it because the animation is too crappy, they are making fun of themselves and they’re animation style that’s why they have the kids take a few steps after it happens. The movie gets a bad rep simply because people don’t get the joke.

I’m not a huge fan of the music in the film though I don’t think that it really brings anything important to the film. I think its just there because the creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, have a strong background in musicals.

All in all I think its another classic South Park moment that you either love or hate.  My question to the class would be, where do you think the parody line crosses too far?


Waves Music Video




This music video is to the song “Wave” by Mason Jennings. I used a 7D with a 24-70 and a 16-35 on a Sachtler fluid head and also a glidecam hd 2000 on a glidecam vest. The goal was to show a story of a guy who gets beat up and finds peace in a hut on the beach. All of the shots were pretty simple except for the last one. To get the last shot we put the 7D on a magic arm and attached that to a C-Stand and turned the stand over the top of the hut. Enjoy!